Bit of Mischief


I have a tip for you...shhh, don't tell anyone... (Arya looks around to make sure no one is listening). Ok, here it is: When you are wandering around SL slap as many subscribers as you can! Cos then wonderful things get sent to you. There I was wandering aimlessly and suddenly from the sky (ok, from the top right hand side of my screen) comes this wonderful assortment of gifts from Mischief. Hoorah!

Pic 1:
Bikini: Cherry Bikini

Pic 2:
Bikini: Green Stripe Bikini

Pic 3:
Bikini: Pink Stripe

Pic 4:
Lingerie: Candy Stripe

Pic 5:
Pyjamas: Counting Sheep Jams (I am a kiwi, so these sheep are perfect as in NZ we have more sheep than people).

Pic 5:
Pyjamas: Fireside Jams

Pic 6:
Hat and Scarf: Flapjack Knit Cap and Scarf - Ebony

Pic 7:
Hat and Scarf: Flapjack Knit Cap and Scarf - Plum

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