Flying Post


Got some nahmmy MM board pressies last night, so thought I would quickly show them to you, so that you can run over and see if they are still on boards today.

Pic 1:
Lingerie: Nymphetamine - Paeoti - Pointsettia (MM board)
Hair: Gransy Fashions - Mandy - Platinum (100L)

Pic 2 and 3:
Tree: Munspain - Beach Palm with Ten Poses (had to grovel to friends to get them to slap this board, but it was worth it!)

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  1. I just wanted to say... purely laterally, that Le'Look and Paradisis rock, and also of course that undermentioned but greatly loved League.
    But loving seeing all the other great fashion from all the other shops, has opened my shopping experience......thank god for freebies.

    Can't stress enough how important it is to be in a great clothes group. Its soooo worth it.

    Love the blog... hugs Arya sissypoo.