How Bizarre....


I went to iBizarre to get the URL for the other blog post and what did I perchance to find? More freebies. Yah!

Took the pics at Munspain, cos they have awesome furniture and cos they have a 50% off sale on all second floor items and I wanted to get some can NEVER have too much. I am allowed to multi-task.

Pic 1:
Suit: iBizarre - Brown Suit

Pic 2:
Cardigan: iBizarre - Classic Cardigan Lila (also comes in black an schoko colours)

Pic 3:
Jacket: iBizarre - Fur Jacket (I am thinking it is faux fur, cos there is NO way I would wear real fur!)

Pic 4:
Outfit: iBizarre - Vicky Outfit (photo does not so this outfit justice. Is gorgeous!)

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