I have the SKINny!


My friend, Ty, IMed me to tell me about the cool skins that he got as a group gift from Belleza. I made him come over and take some pics and then joined the group to get some skins for me. it costs $250L to join the group, but Ty assures me it is worth it.

Between you and me, I just wanted Ty to get his shirt off...

I am wearing Alyson Pale in the three pics below:

Below: Alyson Pale

Below: Alyson SK Group Gift

Below: Alyson Tan

Below: Ty is wearing Thomas Med

Below: Thomas Med

Below: Thomas SK Group Gift

Below: Thomas SK Tan

Other Items
Hair: Bryce Designs - Dexter - Natural Blondes - Buff
Lingerie: Nymphetamine - Pointsetta (MM Board)
Eyes: Amacci - InSight Brown/Green Eyes

Hair and Hat: KMadd - Billy Boston C2 NB III (Ty can't remember when or why he got these...sigh)
Boxers: Bete Noire - Yahto Blend Brief (...or these)
Eyes: KMadd - Eyes - Dimension Attack (group gift)

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  1. Hell haven't seen Ty lately. WOW he is cute...
    where does he live again....???

  2. Oh, do not encourage him! He will get all vain and male model-ish!