I Like Candy...


Especially when it gives me yummy gifts! As mentioned before, I love furniture so when I got a notecard from Munspain about the Candy Cane Hunt they have going on in their store and the mall next to them, I was there with bells on ( I had a Christmas hat with a bell on...so technically it was with 'bell' on).
The hunt involves you picking up a basket and following the clues to each candy cane and 'touching' it to get the candy cane registered in the basket. When you have all 20 you go back to the main sign and touch it and you get a HUGE gift with all sorts of goodies in it. There are also 'fake' candy canes and also ones that don't register in your basket, but have gifts in that cost you 1L. I got a few of them too, so will show you a selection. I am just going to give you the URL for the starting point of the hunt to save any confusion.

Pic 1:
Furniture: Munspain - Chair, Table, Lamp and Santa Lounge.
Ok, these are so gorgeous and will make your place look very festive and fun!

Pic 2: Munspain - Christmas Cushion Pile
I love Munspain's cushion piles, cos you can fit a pile of your friends on here to chat and hang out....or tell ya friends to stand while you lounge in comfort...um...not that I would do that...

Store: Stores Supply - Medium Deluxe Store.
This makes me want to open up a store. If only I was clever enough to make anything worth selling. Anyway, it is cool and you can change all the signs to your sign and it also comes with display stands and a great ceiling light!

Pic 4:
Bike: G Point - Black and Green Bike.
There are two bikes in the box. One for riding and looking uber cool and the other is for...um....sharing with a special friend (watch those handle bars).

Pic 5:
Bird: Honest Pets - Green and Orange Parrot
Two parrots in box. One you can wear on you shoulder, as in pic, and one that you can put on a stand and have twittering away in your home. So cute. If you feel like helping me name him, write your ideas in the comments.

Outfit: Ho Wear - Mad for Plaid (25L)
Great detail in this outfit and it is purple, so I love it automatically!

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  1. I think his name should be Jingle.
    Cos.. its christmas...