I Love Little Britain Too


Been in this group for ages, and I love it still. I am modelling this week's freebie and it is uber cool. I decided to match it with their Wild-Child Honey Hair (not free). I also took the pic at their sim which is all decked out for winter and even has an ice skating rink and free skates in red or black. I have given you the TP to the winter area, so you can meander through before you head straight into the store to find the freebies.

Oh, and slap the MM board while you are there and check out the Lucky Chairs.

Rock on, Little Britain!!

P.S. Just noticed I used the same pose in this blog entry and last. Told you I was a novice!

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  1. I love this tshirt!

  2. Arya hugs Cindy. Thanks! Wish I had made it