I Love Purple


Was wandering around the Black and White Mall and Lounge and came across this little number at Joline Style for the lovely price of $10L. Well, of course I had to have it.

I had just come from a skin hunt at Skin Within and since my normal shape is from there I love to grab the skins when they come up. There is one free skin hidden on the board with all the normal priced ones (1,500 each normally). Now, I could spoil it for you, but I won't. It is a cool skin and it comes in bare and natural. In the folder is also the shape and I wearing and a lovely pair of eyes too.

The Christmas Tree necklace is from Alyssa Bijoux and was a gift at the Jagged sim, where I got the Winter Dreams dress.

These pics were taken at Club Mad, which is an awesome club that I get to DJ at sometimes. Check it out. Rocks! Good people too. Ok, advert over....hehe.

Other Items:
*Hair - Gransy Fashions: Daisy 1 Platinum (not free)

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