More Shoes...


Ok, I couldn't wait to show you the next lot of shoes. I have been wandering SL trying not to blog, but I will explode if I don't! And we wouldn't want that mess would we? Still all part of the Step It Up Hunt.

Pic 1:
Boots: Demotik - Holly Extreeme Ankle Boots

Pic 2:
Heels: Heart & Sole: Snowflake - White (I was glad to get these cos I already have the black ones from another hunt)

Pic 3:
Heels: Vamps Shoes - Black and White Animal Print Hellbent (these are cool and come with a hud to change texture, skintone and jewellery style and texture of anklets!

Pic 4:
Slipper: Hectic Moon - Holiday Slippers (yes, the lights work!)

Pic 5:
Sneakers: !mpossible - Puzzle Chucks (man, I love these...ok, I love chucks)

Pic 6:
Boots: Jazmyn - Red and Grey Ankle Boots (Mmmm, ankle boots....)

Pic 7:
Sneakers: Leri Miles Design Store - Plaid Chucker

Pic 8:
Heels: Lutricias's Luxuries - Chunky Latex Pump - Carnaby Christmas

Pic 9:
Heels: Mz Shoes - France - Plaid Brown

Pic 10:
Sneakers: Sweet Leonard and Needful Things - Step On It Sneakers (My friend, Ben, has been whinging (well, he is English...ohhh, nasty) that I have nothing for the boys...well, these are definitely boys shoes, so SHUT IT)

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