Free and Then Not Free


So, the title says it all. Both outfits are from Little Britain, but very different.

The first outfit is free and I love it. I feel totally ripped in this (ha, ha, ha). Love the knife. Makes me feel all jungle woman!

...and then the second outfit is NOT free, but it is freaking awesome and it will be my MUST show of non-free items this month. Well, look at it!
Now I am not a violent person. Ask my friends (and if they say any different I will blimen kill them). But, this outfit is just plain sexy in a sort of deadly if-you-touch-me-I-will-rip-out-your-heart kinda way. It is from Little Britain, so while you are over there getting the Monday (Pic 1) freebie and slapping the MM board, go and grab this.

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