Numminess (is that a word?)


Got a notecard on subscriber (see blog below...wink, wink) for Nymphetamine about a hunt on the sim, so I scurried over and registered, grabbed the clues and wandered about the amazing sim that I hadn't had a look at before. Great place to take your special someone (no, not your Mum...eww). Lots of little places for cuddling and snogging. =)

So, once you have collected all the snowglobes you race back to the start point and touch the prize giver and it gives you these....yum!

Pic 1:
Lingerie: Honeycomb Panties and Corset - Fuschia

Pic 2:
Outfit: Mardi Gras New Years Outfit

Oh, and check out the folder when you rez your things cos there is a notecard in there you need to take notice of....say no more

PS: Thanks to Stacy Maracas, the manager of Nymphetamine, for her friendliness and helpfulness. You rock! Thanks for putting up with my blondeness!

Hair for both pics is from Bryce Designs.

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  1. Arya,

    Thank you SO MUCH for showcasing NYMPHETAMINE in your blog! We love our customers and we make sure we show it in our great customer service. We have been around since 2005, so its always wonderful when someone new discovers us!

    AWESOME Pics, your making us look SEXY!!!!!

    Thanks again!!!!

    Stacy Maracas