Red or Dead


Vinyl Cafe's Red or Dead Hunt covers 4 sims and heaps of stores. You are looking for little red Santa hats and there is heaps of cool gifts to grab. Hats are easy to find and this is a nice relaxed hunt, wandering around the stores. Grab an eggnog and go peruse. The 4 sims are Vinyl Cafe and Shops, The Dominion Fashion District, Dominion Femdom Fetish Shops and Haunted Christmas @ Halloween.

Pic 1:
Lingerie: Angel Dessou - Angel Arwen Red

Pic 2:
Lingerie: Angel Dessou - Alexa Red

Pic 3:
Skin: Tahani - Crazy Eyes Goth Skin - injured ( I collect these nasty skins too. Not sure why....ask Freud)
Scarf: W&D - Fantasy Scarf
Sweater: BeNoir - Holiday Sweater

Pic 4:
Boots: Amilli Daviau Design - Dream Boot Chess - Black and Red

Pic 5:
Boots: Eva - Black/Red Gothic Boots

Pic 6:
Tracksuit: Indyra Designs - Cartel Tracksuit Red

Pic 7:
Outfit/Skin/Boots (not shown): MIA - Red Nightmare

Pic 8:
Outfit/Boots - SLC - Santa Girl 2009

Pic 9:
Outfit - Trendstyle - Go Out Pink (Pink in a red hunt? Go figure)

Pic 10:
Outfit: Vinyl Cafe - Buckle Up Mini

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