Don't you love that particular 4-letter word? Yes!! Well, my bestest SL friend, sent me through a notecard about Designs by Capris' sale, where everything is 1L....yes, you read right...1L. So here are just a few of the awesome styles you can get.

Pic 1:
Top: CD - Angle Top - Purple
Jeans: CD - Outlaw Light Blue Ripped

Pic 2:
Top: CD - Flaunt It Pink
Jeans: CD - Outlaw Light Blue Ripped

Pic 3:
Outfit: CD - Precious Outfit

Pic 4:Dress: CD - Pretty Woman

Pic 5:
Outfit: Seduction Outfit - Top and Shorts

Pic 6:
Bikini: CD - Escort Bikini Set - White

Pic 7:
Dress: CD - Partytime Dress Red

Pic 8:
Top: CD - White Side Wrap
Jeans: CD - Outlaw Light Blue Ripped

Pic 9:
Top: CD - Butterfly Crop Top - Purple

Pic 10:
Top: CD - Heart and Soul Halter - Purple

Pic 11:
Jeans: CD - Blue Jeans Ripped

Pic 12: Jungle Bell Hunt Gift
Bikini: CD - Black Lace Bikini
Jeans: CD - Black Ripped Outlaw Jeans

Pic 13: Candy Cane Hunt Item
Dress: CD - Elegant Christmas Dress - Green (also red one in gift)

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  1. Yay.... gee you must have spent all at my count 17L.
    How extravagant of you.


  2. Yes, I am broke now. Can you lend me some money?