That Christmas Feeling


I love Christmas...have I mentioned that before? Well, I do. So, today I went over to XoticKreations to at the Christmas stuff, and who should be there but Santa with an empty knee and all. I whispered a few sweet Christmas wishes in his ear then went WOW at all the amazing stuff!

And yes....there is freebies! There are some for group members (and I hear they are great) and also a box if you are not. Here are some of the things in the non-member box.

Cute Palm Trees and swing set. Would have done pic with me and a guy friend sitting on it, but SL was being all weird and all my friends seemed to have been kicked off, and I would have looked like Miss Lonely if I had tried. Anyway, it is uber cute.

Also in the gift box was this XoticKreations Tee with a cute fairy on it and also some pixie dust. I took this pic by my house so you could see the lights I bought from the shop... I am hopeless.
Anyway, while you are there checking out the Christmas stuff, check out the other great steampunk and elven furniture that is in the shop too. SO cool.

Stuff I am wearing:
Pic 1, 2 and 3:
Top: XoticKreations - Striped Tank (owner gave it to me to look at and I ran off with it ..)
Jeans: Black and Blue - Women's Pomona Jeans (past hunt gift and my fav jeans)
Hair: Bryce Designs -Dexter - Whitewash - Chalk (Advent Gift)

Pic 7: XoticKreations Tee (0L in gift box)

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