A good friend of mine sent me an IM and told me I just HAD to get over to Naughty and Nice at the Jagged sim and get this gorgeous dress. Well, of course I flew on over and hunted around for a bit to find this prize and it was well worth it! It is WOW! It is called Winter Dreams and comes with the dress and this lovely necklace! Best of all it is FREE.

Other Items:
* Skin: Djinn and Tonic
- Mua Natural Tone (0L)
* Hair:
Maitreya - Piper 2 Natural Blonde (not free)
Photos taken at: Never Never Land (gorgeous)

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  1. You babe are a star, and the undoubted queen of all things wonderful. What a fantastic blog too. Am checking it out for xmas gifts. Obviously can't give you clothes for Christmas..sigh.
    Would be helpful to know if any of the freebies are trans.
    Oh and...
    pay me later and I will say more wonderful things.

  2. Thanks Kav! You are most rocking too! I will do the trans/copy/mod idea. Great idea! Remind me if I forget. I am blonde.