And the Gifts Kept Flowing


Today I will show you some gifts that I couldn't wear. You know me! Love houses, skyboxes and furniture! These were all gifts given by designers to the FabFree Group! Awesome!

Pics 1-3 are from Spudgy Dean, and he doesn't have a store. But IM him to say how awesome his stuff is and to tell him that he should have one!

Pic 1:
Furniture: MC - Fab Living Set (gift from Spudgy Dean)

Pic 2:
Furniture: MC - Fab Living Set Bedroom (gift from Spudgy Dean)

Pic 3:
Furniture: MC - Fab Living Skybox (gift from Spudgy Dean)

Pic 4:
Furniture: Morgane Batista - Eros Bedroom Set

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