Captain's Log Day Three


Day three of the hunts and didn't get heaps done today cos had to DJ, but no excuse really. Also going to show you some other items I got, cos as I wander on hunts I slap every MM board I see. Love midnight just to see what I got. Present time!

Pic 1:
Jewellery: DemotiK - Corded Skull Necklace (SAH Boys Gift)
Glasses: SOHO Fashions - Aviator White (SAH Gift)
Top: Dressing Aphrodite - Fab Free Group Gift (only available in FabFree Group)
Pants: Rock Me Amadeus - Almost Free Ripped Leggings Green (1L)

Pic 2:
Shoes: Donna Scarpe - Scarpin4 (SAH Girls Gift)

Pic 3:
Outfit: Rock Me Amadeus - Disco Blue Outfit (MM Board)
Glasses: LeLutka - Hype Shades 2 Gems (Group Gift)

Pic 4:
Shoes: SOHO Fashions - SOher - Blue Lace-Up Sandal (SAH Gift)

Pic 5:
Outfit: Nostr@s - Nasty Pants and Tank (MM Board)

Pic 6:
Shoes: Ingenue - Lilium - Crimson and Blush (SAH Gift)

Pic 7:
Bag: Ardigraf Designs Group - Blue Damasco Backpack (SAH Gift)
Shoes: Ardigraf Designs Group - Lola Damasco Blue (SAH Gift)
Pants: Rock Me Amadeus - Almost Free Ripped Leggings Cyan (1L)
Top: Nostr@s - Nasty Tank (MM Board)

Pic 8:
Shoes: Shapely Designs - Vivid Heart Lifted Pumps (SAH Gift)
Pants: Rock Me Amadeus - Almost Free Ripped Leggings Pink (1L)

Pic 9:
Shoes: Shapely Designs - Sneakers Black/Yellow (SAH Gift)

Pic 10:
Shoes: Lutricia's Luxuries - Chunky Latex Pump - Grunge (SAH Gift)

Pic 11:
Skin: Nostr@s - Lust S.T. Bubblegum (MM Board)

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  1. pic 5 from where is that skin?

  2. My skin in every pic except #11 is from Belleza and is called Alyson SK. It was a group gift, but is also available in store at a cost. To join Belleza's group is 250L.