I Almost Saw Tumbleweed...


Was a quiet day in SL. Think the designers are worn out from all their gift giving. Awww! So, was slim pickings today, but what do I care, cos I have my boots! YAH! Cough...sorry. Won't mention them again.

Remember, if you see a great freebie or cheapie flick me an IM or leave a comment on this blog. I will give you full credit!

I did go to Amacci to see their hair sale and, while I didn't buy anything, I did win a hair on the Lucky Chairs while I was wandering past. Hoorah! It is gorgeous too. Goes nicely with my b..um...braces?

And Sharkie from Sharkie's kindly let me know that she is giving away some awesome shoes for all the parties you are currently attending and they are divine! They are right by TP point.

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