It's Raining Men!


Ty took his friend, Brett, on the Just For The Guys Hunt and I convinced them both to do pics to save time. Also, I liked the idea of bossing two men around! Huge thanks to both Brett and Ty, the sweetest and cutest guys in SL. BIG hugs!

Pic 1:
Brett: Perfectionist - Assassin Outfit, Glasses, Watch and Boots
Ty: Alexohol - Fish Tee and Jeans

Pic 2:
Brett: Roughnecks - Sexy Striped Blue Shirt; SB Designs - Wrinkled Jeans Black
Ty: J Designs - Red Suit; KMadd - Cash Hair; McKindred Shoes - Allstar Khaki Shoes

Pic 3:
Brett: Heroes - Mr Incredible Outfit
Ty: Grumble Grumble - Brown Rust Jeans and Dual Layer Brown Shirt and Combat Sneakers; Lag Designs - Brit Black HairPic 4:
Brett: Serenity in the Sun Designs - Darzog - Outfit and Boots
Ty: Gigolo - Urban Sweater Untucked - Sky; Grumble Grumble - Jeans and Sneakers

Pic 5:
Brett: Vogue - Bermuda Shorts; SB Designs - Men's Wrinkled Jeans; OMG - Hermes Shape; Kalnins Shoes - Classica

Pic 6:
Brett: Halo Designs - Revolution Outfit
Ty: Eye Candy - Liam Shape and Skin; Nostoros - Guilty Outfit

Pic 7:
Brett: NachtMusik - Black and Tan Ombre Suit
Ty: Hourglass - Dutch Touch - Nik Shape; Perfectionist - Industry Standard Blackmail Jeans; Line - Hotgirl Tee; Kalnins Shoes - Classica

Pic 8:
Brett: BeReal - Jeans and Scarf; LaPointe & Bastchild - Pants (not in Hunt - 0L)
Ty: Biohazard Rocker Wear - Fists Tee and Damaged Jeans (SLDGT Hunt); OMG - Hermes Shape; kARNAL rAGE - Barbed Necklace

Pic 9:
Brett: Firefly Fashions - Fun Fractal Shirt; Alexohol - Jeans
Ty: SB Designs - Celtic Dragon Shirt and Men's Wrinkled Jeans; McKindred Shoes - Allstar Khaki

Pic 10:
Brett: Geezer Garments - Shogun Outfit
Ty: Prodigal - Monogrammed Shirt and Silk Pants

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  1. OMG those guys know how to model. ...

  2. They are hot, but don't tell them I said so.