It's Wabbit Hunting Season!


Well, not quite. But, it is the time to be de-primming and heading off in search of goodies galore. I started a hunt and ended up collecting things from 4. I kept diving off on different tracks looking at each one. Consequently, I only did bits of them. So, here is what I have so far...

Pic 1:
Hair: Iren - Burning Hearts Hair (Burning Hearts Hunt)
Tattoos: Dangerous Cinsations - Flowers Dark (Heat Wave Hunt)

Pic 2:
Outfit: Insatiable Fashions - HeatWave Hunt Gift

Pic 3:
Lingerie: Angel Dessous - Frances (HeatWave Hunt Gift)

Pic 4:
Lingerie: Blacklace - Vernice Pink and Black Satin (HeatWave Hunt)

Pic 5:
Top: World Wide Industries - Too Tight Tan Floral (HeatWave Hunt)

Pic 6:
Boots: Aryanna's Closet - Men's SAH Gift

Pic 7:
Boots: Aryanna's Closet - Women's SAH Gift

Pic 8:
Shoes: Enkythings Shoes - Heels on Wheels (SAH Hunt)

Pic 9:
Hair and Hat: Iren - SA Hunt Gift
Scarf: Elemiah Design - SA Hunt Scarf

Pic 10:
Shoes: AuMa - Skate Sneakers (SAH Gift)

Pic 11:
Shoes: Filigreemotion - Square and Stripes for Women - Colourchange (SAH Gift)

Pic 12:
Boots: RRS - Boho Fringe Mauve (SAH Gift)

Pic 13:
Shoes: Vextra Messing - Sandra Heels (SAH Gift)

Pic 14:
Scarf and Shape: Shape It Up - Woolen Drape Scarf and Gift Shape (SAH Gifts)

Pic 15:
Hat: Prim and Pixel - Cowboy Hat (SAH Men's Gift)
Hair: Bryce Designs - Emoh (Past Gift from Advent Hunt)

Pic 15:
Boots: Prim and Pixel - Valentine Ankle Boot (SAH Women's Gift)

Pic 16:
Shoes: K2K United Enterprises - Mocassins - Denim - assorted colours in folder (SAH Gift)

Pic 17:
Shoes: Mondira and Viviane - Hunt Gift Sneakers (SAH Gift)

Pic 18:
Boots: Thea Tamura - Melancholy Purple Boots (SAH Gift)

Pic 19:
Dress: The Hunger Design - Diamond Dress (MM Board)
Mouth Item: Iren - Your Own LadyBug (Snail Hunt Gift)
Hair and Hat: Iren - SA Hunt Gift

Well, I am off to have a lie down and a cup of tea...possibly with something added...medicinal of course!

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