MM Rowr


Poor Ty had to follow me round slapping MM boards yesterday, but what hurt was that he got all the stuff and I only got two girlish things. Major suckage.

Pic 1:
Outfit, Ears and Tail: AoD - RaverCat Green (here kitty, kitty...Rowr!)

Pic 2:
Pants: Mortality - Leather Pants
Sweatshirt: Mortality - Gusher Hoodie (option for girls too)

Pic 3:
Pants: Mortality - Leather Pants
Gloves: AoD - ClowGlove

Pic 4:
Jeans: Mortality - Worn Jeans
Boots: Hoorenbeek - L'homme Boots (part of Le.Look avatar gifts)

Pic 5:
Sweatshirt: Mortality - Gusher Hoodie
Pants: Mortality - Leather Pants
Seat: AoD - Donut Chair

Other Items:
Both Ty and I am wearing skins from Belleza (group gift) and hair from UncleWeb.Studio (Reed - freebie)

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