The Recovery Begins

I am feeling a bit better today and the 1L furniture sale sure helped. Thanks AnneAlyce! Love Greatest Love Group. Great people and hot tips for great places! Anyway, AnneAlyce sent a notecard telling of a sale and everything in this furniture store is 1L...yes...everything! Yah!

Also picked up a gorgeous 60L item and found or recieved three great freebies!

Pic 1:
Dress: DollyRock - Delight Green (0L)

Pic 2:
Top: A Piece of Candy - Clare Citrus Top (group gift)

Pic 3:
Lingerie: Rock Me Amadeus - Luscious Purple Lingerie (MM Board)

Pic 4:
Gazebo: Michigin's Shack - L'amore Gazebo (60L Sunday)

Pic 5:
Furniture: PopArt Furniture - Cleopatra Couch (1L)

Pic 6:
Furniture: PopArt Furniture - Vasha Bed and Luxurious Pufes

Pic 7:
Furniture: PopArt Furniture - Molinari Table, Rug and Eames Sofa, Chair and Lounge (All items 1L each)

Pic 8:
Furniture: PopArt Furniture - Pallermo Chair, Pufe and Sofa (Each item is 1L)

Pic 9:
Furniture: PopArt Furniture - Ritz Sofa White and Vasha Curtains (Each item is 1L)

More tomorrow, cos ran out of time. Not sure how long sale goes for so rush over!