Thank You, Thank You!


Is it just me or are we being spoiled rotten at the moment? I want to take this time to thank all the wonderful designers and store owners for giving us such awesome things for free! I will never have to shop again. Hahahahha. I am kidding of course. Scared myself just saying that.

To make it easier today, all gifts are SA Hunt unless stated.

Pic 1:
Hat: Aitui Tattoo and Fashion House- Runway Male

Pic 2:
Shoes: [AV] Vlodovic - Rainbow Special

Pic 3:
Shoes: Baby Monkey - Leopard Ankle Boots

Pic 4:
Shoes: Baiastice - WalkMe Down

Pic 5:
Shoes: BalAni - Black Boot

Pic 6:
Shoes: Before Sleep - Judd Boot Male

Pic 7:
Shoes: BioHazard Rocker Wear - BioWear Men's Urban Camo Sneakers

Pic 8:
Shoes: Bliensen and MaiTai - Oro Pumps

Pic 9:
Shoes: Deviant Designs - Voodoo Dolly (Death Becomes Her Hunt Gift)

Pic 10:
Shoes: Duh! - Girls Sneaker Boots White (loving these sooo much)

Pic 11:
Shoes: Jeepers Creepers Shoes - Strike Black and Green (my friend Madd would love these cos they are green and funky)

Pic 12:
Dress: Kouse's Sanctum - Resolution Gown - Midnight (1L in store)

Pic 13:
Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style - GoodWorld 1.00
Scarf: Myself - Kufiya - Intense Green for Male

Pic 14:
Dress: Lemania Indigo - Evening Shade (Death Becomes Her Hunt Gift)

Pic 15:
Shoes: Lemania Indigo - Red Heart Emitting Pumps

Pic 16:
Outfit: Lemania Indigo - Snow Play Day (In Store Hunt Gift)

Pic 17:
Outfit: Little Britain - Deathmatch F (Monday Freebie)
Shoes: Inimitably Design - Casual Sneakers
Backpack and Cap: Inimitably Design - Freestyle Backpack and Visor Black Caro

Pic 18:
Scarf: Myself - Kufiya - Intense Green for Male
Glasses: Kream - KM001 (subscribo gift)
Armwarmers: Concrete Flowers - Seppel Armwarmers Extra Black

Pic 19:
Shoes: Nushru - SwankSkin Mens Loafers

Pic 20:
Hat: Paddy's - Illusionist Animated Tophat
Arya's Skin: Staged - Judy Plasma Gun (group gift and more on this tomorrow)
Arya's Shape: Skin Within - Anaise (not free)
Ty's Skin: Belleza - Thomas v2 SK (group gift)
Ty's Shape - Le.Look - L'homme Shape (free from Le.Look in past giveaway)

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  1. Drooling over shoes Arya... you know they make me all flustered.

  2. Yeah, but could you not drool on them while I am wearing them. Ruins the leather.