A Few of My Favourite Things Part 1


I was thinking about Valentine's Day and it got me thinking of the things I love. Of course, I love my family, cos they rock, and I love my cat cos he is aloof and slightly evil, and I love my awesome friends in SL and Voldemort, but I realised I have some items in SL that I couldn't do without too. Lucky for you they are not raindrops and roses etc etc or I would have to burst into song!

So, I figured today's (cos is Val Day where I live) and tomorrow's (cos is Val Day in most other places) blog would be about those things in SL that I would miss dearly if my inventory got deleted or if they weren't there any more. Now some of these things are probably not available as freebies any more, but you could go visiting the stores to see if they are there to buy. This is also a way of thanking the designers for the awesome stuff they make!

Some items I can't show, but I will sure tell you about, and some are stores that I think are just awesome (mainly cos they give me pressies to show you!).

Pics were taken at Quantum Fields which is my fav SL place! I used to live above the Event Horizon club and I love the people there! They are my family and they even let me DJ! Come and visit and dance with me some time!

I love to dance there and most of my dances in my Chimera are from 3FX Entertainment. Their dances ROCK and always have people asking where I got them from. Go check them out!

Pic 1:
Hair: Uw.St - Reed - Black (0L and still available. This is the hair I wear the most in SL, as you may have noticed!)
Shape: Skin Within - Anaise (not free but still available. This has been my shape for most of my time in SL and I love it cos it has shape and is not pencil thin. This makes dresses a pain sometimes, but skirts and dresses not made for shape, just aren't worth having...rant over.)
Skin: Staged - Elizabeth II Winged Coral (I love Staged and this is a skin given as a group gift. They also give clothes and are awesome to their group members!)
Shirt: Little Britain - Can I Play With Madness (from Monday freebie and one reason I LOVE Little Britain. Second reason is that their clothes, boots and hair freaking rocks!)
Jeans: Black and Blue Outfitters - Pomona Jeans (from a hunt and my absolutely FAV jeans in all of SL cos they look so comfy and real! Currently a freebie in store!)

Pic 2:
Hair: Amacci - Alane - Dark Wine (Past Lucky Chair Gift. Amacci is awesome!)
Skin: Amacci - Felicia - Nutmeg - Natural (Review Gift, but this group spoils its members so much with lots of other items. I love them! Thank you!)
Jacket: Paradisis - Bolero - Grey (Group Gift)
Top: Paradisis - Valenine - Cute - Red (0L)
Skirt and Stockings: Paradisis - My Girl Full Outfit - Kilt (Not free, but I am showing Paradisis stuff cos they are one of my fav stores and awesome to subscribo and group members. Also, I was glad that when my friend, Kav, and I chose stores to have as own, I got Paradisis!)

Pic 3:
Boots - Miel - Hai Boots - Red (Past 50L Friday item. They are amazing...I mean look at them. I wear them as often as I can!)

Pic 4:
Hair: Gransy Fashions - Sensual 1 - Black (This was not free, but I love their hair. It is a good price and always gorgeous! Love their clothes too and they have great offers for group members).
Skin: Belleza - Alyson Tan - Cleavage (Group Gift. Belleza is 250L to join, but such a generous group to belong to. I mean, look at this skin. It is amazing!).
Dress: Hell Bop - Flon - Hanna (think this was a cheapie or freebie I got and hope I have right store as credit. My fav dress that I own. Often wear it with cowboy hat and boots).

This will be continued tomorrow...

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  1. Just for those of you who wondered... the shop I chose was League... dribble......loooove League.