Today I are mostly going to be talking 'bout hair. This is because I found a new hair shop ( I am pausing at this point for you to jump up and down and scream with rapturous delight. I am). Now it may not be new for you, but it is a new discovery for me and I LOVE it. This is for a few reasons:

  1. It is hair
  2. It is cool hair
  3. It has gifts
  4. It has sale items
  5. It has hunt items
  6. Did I mention it was HAIR?
Anywhoooo...I also had a great day for Lucky Chairs and MM boards and I went and did the Heart and Sole Valentines Sim Hunt.

Pic 1:
Hair: KC Hair - Classic Heart - Onyx (H&S Hunt Gift)
Eyes: Funsize Shapes - Fierce Eyes (SAH Gift) - in all pics today
Dress: Sassy! - Little Lace Dress (Lucky Chair)
Skin: Amacci - Felicia Skin (Rose) 12 Plum Cleavage (Review Item)
Diary: Virtual Insanity - Unkempt Resolutions Diary (NYR Hunt Gift)

Pic 2:
Hair: KC Hair - Petite - Onyx (own store hunt gift)
Skin: Amacci - Felicia (Natural) - 07 Blush - Cleavage (Review Copy)
Dress: Sassy! - Velocity Corset - Hot Pink (MM Board)

Pic 3:
Hair: KC Hair - Hair Exclusive - Goddess Shiva - Onyx (Lucky Chair)
Dress: Poison - Black and White Dress (in store gift 0L)
Skin: Amacci - Felicia Skin (Milky) -02 Candy - Cleavage (Review Copy)

Pic 4:
Hair: KC Hair - Carina (19L)
Dress: The Shack - Emma Gown Gold (MM Board)
Skin: Amacci - Felicia Skin (Nutmeg) 01 Natural Cleavage (Review Copy)

Pic 5:
Hair: KC Hair - Dreadlox (19L)
Outfit: Little Britain - Zombiefied (0L Item)
Skin: Amacci - Felicia (Fresh) RoseTat - HB Cleavage (Group Gift)

Pic 6:
Hair: KC Hair - Glitter (19L)

Pic 7:
Hair: KC Hair - Juliette (19L)

Pic 8:
Hair: KC Hair -Sun (19L)

Pic 9:
Hair: KC Hair - zeHair (19L)

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