Ready for the Ball


Thought you might like to see the finished product of my ball ensemble. Even if you don't you are anyway. Hehe. I am proud of the end result because the whole thing cost me 10L all up. Although I did cheat a bit cos the skin was a review item. Still, there are plenty of white skins around in hunts that I could have used too. I only decided to go pale at the last minute and Amacci must have known cos they sent it to me on the weekend. Hugs to them!

What I am wearing:
Skin: Amacci - Felicia Skin - Goth - 24 Red Blood Cleavage (Review item)
Dress: Steambound - Esmeralda (Frosty Hunt Gift)
Wings: Glam Affair - Lunatica Wings (from Lunatica Outfit - 10L)
Hair: KC Hair - Classic Heart - Platinum Plus (Heart and Sole Sim Hunt Gift)
Shoes: Heart and Sole - Snowflake (Previous Hunt Gift)
Eyes: Funsize Shapez - Fierce Eyes V1 (Previous Hunt Gift)
Mask: Illusions - Amorno (Magic and Romance Hunt Gift)

Now...where did I put that pumpkin and does anyone know where I can get two mice and a handsome prince?

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