I get so annoyed with people asking for money around the place.

(Warning: The following rant is reminiscent of the one your parents told you about walking to school, barefoot in the snow whilst carrying the horse).

When I came to Second Life I decided that the cost of the broadband was the only real money I was going to spend in SL, so I worked out ways to get money without bothering people in sims who are trying to shop. Money trees are great and so are contests at clubs and you get to meet cool people in the process. Nowadays I DJ for my SL spending money, which is fun and a great way to make new friends! Hmm, I am sensing a theme here...

Yesterday in the chat of a group I am in, the discussion turned to the fact that it costs lots to look really good in SL. I totally disagreed and said so.

I am always getting comments about my clothes, hair and skins and I am proud to say that most of the time I got them free or nearly free. I think the wisest thing to do is to join quality groups that love to reward their members and also to keep your eyes out when you are wandering about. The other thing to do is read blogs like mine, or other fantastic blogs I have listed, and go and grab the items for yourself. Hunts are also an awesome way to find amazing things, and some of my best, most favourite items, have been gathered in hunts. Hunting is also a neat way to meet some fantastic people. Today you will see some items I collected from Midnight Mania Boards and Lucky Chairs. This is also a great way to gather great stuff and I love chatting to people while I am waiting for letters to change. One item I will show you took me three days to get. I stalked that store to death. Haha!

So, if you are a newbie please don't resort to begging for money from me. I will help you with finding places to get quality freebies and help where I can, but earn your own freaking money if you want it! Cough. Rant is now complete.

Today I am going to give you the total of what I spent on ALL the items I show you.

Pic 1:
Hair: Exile @ Enkythings Dollar$tore - Kyanna - Pearl (1L for heaps of colours!)
Skin: IrEn - Maria - Pale - Papagai - Open Mouth (Group Gift)
Dress and Jewellery - Fierce - Desire (MM Board)

Pic 2:
Outfit: LeeZu @ Enkythings Dollar$tore - BuisBuis - Blue (1L - also 4 other colours in folder!)
Hair: Exile @ Enkythings Dollar$tore - Kyanna - Twilight (1L for heaps of colours!)

Pic 3:
Dress: LeeZu @ Enkythings Dollar$tore - SatinLeaf Flexi Dress (1L - blogged this as gift, but now it is available at this new store all the time!)
Hair: Exile @ Enkythings Dollar$tore - Chestnut (1L for heaps of colours!)

Pic 4:
Dress: Dany French @ Enkythings Dollar$tore - Constellation (1L)
Hair: Exile @ Enkythings Dollar$tore - Brown Sugar (1L for heaps of colours!)

Pic 5:
Outfit: MEB @ Enkythings Dollar$tore - Anna (1L)
Shoes: Enkythings @ Enkythings Dollar$tore - Nana Midnight Blue (1L)
Hair: Exile @ Enkythings Dollar$tore - GoldDust (1L for heaps of colours!)

Pic 6:
Shape: Di Hoorenbeek @ Enkythings Dollar$tore - Lisl (1L)
Skin: Idiosyncrasy Justice @ Enkythings Dollar$tore - Pale (1L for 3 skins)
Hair: Exile @ Enkythings Dollar$tore - Scarlet (1L for heaps of colours!)
Bikini: Mischief - Cocoa Bikini - Green Stripe (Old Hunt Gift)

Pic 7:
Lingerie: Dare Designs - Sateen Gold/Violet (MM Board)
Hair: Exile @ Enkythings Dollar$tore - Violet Dawn (1L for heaps of colours!)

Pic 8:
Earrings: Temptation - Heart Silver (Group Gift)
Hair: UwSt - Reed (0L)

Pic 9:
Bear: Miel @ Melt - Pomi Bear (Subscribo Gift)
Necklace: Culture Cannibals - St.Patricks Day Diamond Choker (Group Gift)
Top: GField - Off-Shoulder Chiffon Top (Group Gift - Previously blogged)
Pants: Cynful - Capeyojeans - Lowrise - Green (1L)
Boots: A-Bomb - Marisa Boots (Twisted Hunt Gift)

Pic 10:
Photo Studio: Cheeky Pea - Extended Photo Cradle (Lucky Chair Prize - 3 days of stalking!)

Total Cost: 9L (Wow, almost broke the bank on that one! <----- extreme sarcasm) Thanks to RaffiGirl for the hot tip on the Enkythings Dollar$tore. The clothing section is dedicated to showcasing some awesome SL designers including those from Sn@tch, MEB, LeeZu, So Many Styles, Nushru and many more. Also more designers lined up to join in! They also have a funiture, housing and transport section to the store. Pretty much everything you need!

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  1. i've been waiting for that dress in pic 1 for like 2 weeks, and im happy i finally got the chance.. im so happy and thanks to girls who are very supportive and slaps the board with me..