Oh Happy Day!


As you know, I finished the Quest for Excalibur Hunt so I was feeling a big lost after I had shown you all the goodies from the hunt in yesterday's blog. A friend, in a group I am in, suggested I try another hunt to cheer myself up and I had a blast! I grabbed my best buddy, Kav, and made her tag along and hunt with me. So was great fun and great gifts and time with my sis! Also found some stores I had never been to, which was brilliant. Hoorah!

Consequently, today's blog is made up of RFL Clothing Fair items, Easter Egg Madness Hunt gifts, more from Savoir Hair and some few other bits and pieces I fell upon. Whew!

Clothing Fair items are all 0-1L unless otherwise stated and Savoir Hair items are all 0-1L too.

Pic 1:
Tee: Little Britain - Danger Shirt - Blue (MM Board - also red and grey in folder)
Hair: Discord Designs @ Savoir Hair - Kele - Onyx

Pic 2:
Outfit: Little Britain - Commando (0L)
Hair: Aphotic Gloom @ Savoir Hair

Pic 3:
Tee: sf design - London Tee Shirt (RFL Fair - London)
Jeans: Audacious Designs - Cali Jeans (RFL Fair - NY)
Hair: Posh @ Savoir Hair - Rosie Love - Coffee

Pic 4:
Outfit and Shoes: Awesome Designs - Grey Cords, Clothing Fair Tank and Purple Flats (RFL Fair - Milan)
Hair: Audacity @ Savoir Hair - Renee - Sable

Pic 5:
Gown: Dana - NDD Silk (RFL Fair - New Delhi)
Hair: ChiChickie @ Savoir Hair - Isabella - Black

Pic 6:
Bikini: Emotional Blackmail Threads - Striped Bikini (RFL Fair - Melbourne)
Hair, Hat and Glasses: LollipopZ @ Savoir Hair - Voyage Dirty Blonde/Glasses

Pic 7:
Skirt and Top: G Sloane Couture - Beachcomber (RFL Fair - Melbourne)
Hair: Sirena @ Savoir Hair - Dave - Blonde - Pearl

Pic 8:
Dress: G Sloane Couture - Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend (RFL Fair - Melbourne)
Necklace: Virtual Impressions -Silver Hear Pendant (RFL Fair - Tokyo)
Hair: Mau's and MEJ's @ Savoir Hair - Gundula Dark Brown

Pic 9:
Dress: GWD - Ballerina - Clockwork Beauty (RFL Fair - Paris)
Necklace: Apple May Designs - Pebbles (RFL Fair - London)
Hair: Mau's and MEJ's @ Savoir Hair - Undine - Ponytail - Hazel

Pic 10:
Dress: KWZ - Orient Corset Dress (RFL Fair - Tokyo)
Jewellery: BeNoir - Stingray Bracelets (RFL Fair - New Delhi)
Hair: Calla @ Savoir Hair - I'm So Elegant - Black

Pic 11 and 12:
Top: Kamikaze - Leather Corset 1 and Corset 2 (Free today....wow!)
Hair: Honey Hair - Summer Wisp - Winter Hazel (10L for Blondes Pack)

Pic 13:
Top: Kamikaze - Tank ONE Year 4 (Free today!)

Pic 14:
Outfit: Euphoria - Rowr Red (Potty Mouth Hunt Gift)
Hair: Deviant Style - Daisy II - Platinum (1ooL)

Pic 15:
Dress and Socks: Before Sleep - Bunny Time (EEMH)
Shoes: Duh! - Pastel Pink Pumps (EEMH)

Pic 15:
Shirt and Pants: Before Sleep - Bunny Shirt and Brown Slacks for Men (EEMH)

Pic 16:
Shoes: Heart and Sole - GOGO Pink (EEMH)

Pic 17:
Dress: Alexohol - Easter Dress (EEMH)

Pic 18:
Dress: Naive - Hunt Gift (EEMH)
Jewellery: AR Designs - Diamond Encrusted Chain Bead Necklace and 3Bands Ring (EEMH)

Pic 19:
Skin: Pretty Lady - Heather Skin 3 (EEMH)
Dress: Atomic Bambi - Rosara (EEMH)

Pic 19:
Shoes: Sun Made Fashions - Unisex Sneakers - Colour Change (EEMH)

Pic 20:
Dress: Ducknipple - Spring (EEMH)

Pic 21:
Top: Touch of Sun - Easter Men's (EEMH)

Pic 22:
Outfit: Touch of Sun - Easter Hunt Women's (EEMH)

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