Bits and Bobs


Today I will show you the last of the Relay for Life freebie bits, some new items and some other bits and bobs I picked up on my travels around SL. I will also show you the MM Board items I got with the help of 99 other people! Hehe!

Hair I am wearing today is from Amacci and is called Nessa - Mahogany (past lucky chair item).

Pic 1:
Outfit and Jewellery: Silk and Satyr - Vasilia (RFL in New Dehli)

Pic 2:
Lingerie - SNOC - Flora Black Cami and Thong (RFL in London - 10L)

Pic 3:
Sweater: Kamikaze - Dotty Sweater 4 (New Item - not free)

Pic 4:
Sweater: Kamikaze - Sweater 1 Stripes 6 (New Item - not free)

Pic 5:
Outfit: Paradisis - Dolita (50L in Discount Area)

Pic 6:
Lingerie and Accessories: Paradisis - Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat (CB Hunt)

Pic 7:
Lingerie: Rock Me Amadeus - Mistress Lingerie (1L)

Pic 8:
Scene: RnB Designs Furniture - Spring Garden (EEMH Gift)

Pic 9:
Furniture: dStinct Designs - Kiss Me Loveseat (EEMH Gift)

Pic 10:
Sign: Garden Oasis - Wrought Iron Welcome Sign with Pink Chrysanthemums (EEMH Gift)
Rocks: Furniture @ dStinct Designs - Cuddle Rock (EEMH Gift)

Pic 11:
Basket: 2u - Sweet Neko - Easter Basket to Sit in (EEMH Gift)

Pic 12:
Eggs: Sunshine Designs - Egg to Sit In (EEMH Gift)

Pic 13:
Flying Egg: Never You Mind - Egged Away (EEMH Gift)

Pic 14:
Rug: Copper Sun Designs - Love is in the Air Cuddle Rug (LIAH Gift)

Pic 15:
Furniture: Sunshine Design - Sofa Japan with Texture Change (POGH Gift)

Pic 16:
Furniture: Mehndi - Saffron Luxury Couch, Chairs, Coffee Table and Candles (MM Board. YAH!!!)

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