The Final Day


This is the final day of showing the Quest for Excalibur items. I am sad. Nothing else can be said. I may have to find a tavern and partake in some mead.

Painting I:
Sword: Abundantia - Sword of Knowledge (QFE Hunt Gift)

Painting II:
Picture: The Black Orchid Gallery - Waiting for News (QFE Hunt Gift)

Painting III:
Lamp: Hearth and Home - Moroccan Sunset Lantern (QFE Hunt Gift)

Painting IV:
Frame: Elisabeth's Store - Picture Frame Pale Wood (QFE Hunt Gift)

Painting V and VI:
Scene: C & D Designs - The Labyrinth of Excalibur (QFE Hunt Gift)
Gown: Michigan's Shack - Meridian (QFE Hunt Gift)
Hair: Hazard Kitty @ Savoir Hair - Biedermann's Hair - Christmas Gift - Blonde

and inside...
Painting VII:
Scene: Foxworth Creations - Lady of the Lake (QFE Hunt Gift)
Seat: JB Sterling's - 3D Japanese Garden Bench (QFE Hunt Gift)

Painting VIII:
Furniture: PinkABoo - Picnic Table and Basket (QFE Hunt Gift)
Grass: Gumi's Flowershop - 3 Prim Grass (Nature Hunt Gift)

Painting IX:
Mushroom: FallnAngel Creations Furniture - FallnMushroom Yellow (QFE Hunt Gift)

Painting XI:
Plant: Vibrant Eden - 8 Pose Fairy Ivy Seat (QFE Hunt Gift)

Painting XI:
Tent: Siren's Song - Quest Cuddle Tent with Torchiers (QFE Hunt)

Painting XII:
Fireplace: Fins - Carved Marble Fireplace (QFE Hunt Gift)

Painting XIII:
Dragon: Altya's Dream Creations and Toys - Dragon Welp (QFE Hunt Gift)

Painting XIV:
Cloak: Couture Chapeau - CC Mail Manor Cloak (QFE Hunt Gift)

Painting XV:
Wings: BedlaM - Excalibur Golden Wings (QFE Hunt Gift)

Painting XVI:
Hat and Necklace: Hatter is Mad - Cherry Berry Top Hat and Necklace (QFE Hunt Gift)

Painting XVII:
Boots: Duh! - Women's Skosh Boots Wine (QFE Hunt Gift)

Painting XVIII:
Shoes: The Faerie Wind - Plum Scuplted Pumps (QFE Hunt Gift. Men's Hood also in this - not shown).

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