I Am Finished!


Yes, I am finished the quest and I am now unpacking so will blog more items today and tomorrow! Hoorah!

I would like to thank the following people for helping me to complete the quest: Pema, Rachael and AnneAlyce. You all rock.

Painting I:
Building and Furniture: Sky Home Oase - House Breather and Furniture (QFE Hunt Gifts)

Painting II:
Gnome: Fairy Pearls - Arthuro, the Excalibur Dwarf (QFE Hunt Gift)

Painting III:
Picture: Dreams in Digital Art Gallery - Lady in the Lake (QFE Hunt Gift)

Painting IV:
Lamp: Icarus Home and Lighting - Tito Floor Lamp (QFE Hunt Gift)

Painting V:
Art: Sacred Lion Gallery - Ladies of the Lake (QFE Hunt Gift)

Painting VI:
Candle: Visions Gallery - Ye Ol Great Hall Table Candle (QFE Hunt Gift)

Painting VII:
Sword: Reigning Realms - Singing Sword (QFE Hunt Gift)

Painting VIII:
Lantern: Lantian - Stained Glass Lantern - Knight (QFE Hunt Gift)

Painting IX:
Gown: Papillon's - Lady Elizabeth (QFE Hunt Gift)

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