As promised, here are the items I gathered in the Great Panda Heist. Panda-sized happiness with all the goodies and with the two lucky chair items I managed to grab while I was looking for pandas to cuddle. Bonus!

I would like to take a moment to discuss one item of whinginess ( Arya made-up word). I love to hunt, as you know, but I admit I do get frustrated with HUGE stores and no clues. I confess I gave up on a couple of items for this very reason. Now, I am not a wussy hunter. I don't mind a challenge, but when the store is multi-storeyed or spread out over half a sim, it becomes a needle in a haystack scenario. Sure, make it tricky, but at least give us a clue! This ends today's whine (and yes, I do want cheese with that whine).
On a more pleasant note, I want to say THANK YOU to all the designers/creators that participate in hunts. I love you! BIG panda hug for you!

Hair in pics: Maitreya - Faye - Coffee (not free),
Maitreya - Piper II - Ash Blonde (not free)
Skin in pics: IrEn - Maria - Papagai - Open Mouth (past group gift)

Pic 1:
Outfit and Shoes: K2K Headquarters - Back to Basics (KYSO Hunt Gift)

Pic 2:
Gown: Kastle Rock Couture - Pandamonium Gown and Necklace (GPH Gift)

Pic 3:
Tank and Panties: Alexohol - Black Panties and Panda Tank (GPH Gift)

Pic 4:
Tee: Elisabeth's Store - Tee-Shirt Panda (GPH Gift)

Pic 5:
Outfit: Michigan's Shack - Panda Gift (GPH Gift)

Pic 6:
Outfit and Poofer: Fire Good - Panda Purple Dress and PANDAmonium Poofer (GPH Gift)

Pic 7:
Dress: Papillon's - Carmen Yellow (GPH Gift)

Pic 8:
Eyes: Eye Candi - Panda Eyes (GPH Gift)

Pic 9:
Gown and Shoes: Silk Dreams - Monet Gown (GPH Gift - Short option available in folder)

Pic 10:
Outfit: Poised - PinUp Shirt and Skirt (GPH Gift)

Pic 11:
Outfit and Hat: Aqua - GPH (GPH Gift)

Pic 12:
Gown: Nils Island - Gold Couture Dress (GPH Gift)

Pic 13:
Outfit and Shoes: Lemania Indigo - Panda Chic (GPH Gift)

Pic 14:
Outfit: Euphoria - Panda Girl (GPH Gift)

Pic 15:
Outfit: Hasi's - Panda Gift (GPH Gift)

Pic 16:
Shoes: Neko Wonderland - Panda Sneaker (GPH Gift)

Pic 17:
Skin: Chic Inc - Gloria Panda Skin with Hair Base (GPH Gift)
Top: KHUSH - Nicole (GPH Gift)

Pic 18 and 19:
Backpack: Troubled Rebel - Panda Backpack (GPH Gift)
Tee and Wrist Bands: FK Virtues - Great Panda Tee and Wristbands (GPH Gift)
Skin: Pixelbody - Geisha (GPH Gift)
Shorts: Snowpaw Fashions - Pink Boyshorts (GPH Gift)

Pic 20:
Outfit: Bella's - Grey Babydoll Top and Panda Denim Jeans (GPH Gift)

Pic 21 and 22:
Sneakers, Socks and Bandanas - Tango NY - Panda Punkstarz (GPH Gift)
Outfit: K2K Headquarters - Black Star Skirt and Top (GPH Gift)

Pic 23:
Dress, Stockings and Shoes: Intimate You - Panda Gift Female (GPH Gift)

Pic 24:
Dress: B&T - Lilly Dress (10L)

Pic 25:
Dress: House of Beningborough - Pink Flamenco Dress (Group Gift)

Pic 26:
Top: FK Virtues - DJ's Girl Tank (Lucky Board - cept I am the DJ....hmmm)

Pic 27:
Outfit: FK Virtues - Love Hurts Tee and Zesty Capri Jeans (Lucky Board)

Pic 28:
Outfit: Ho Wear - Timeless (25L)

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