The Quest Beginneth!


Good morrow to you, Lords and Ladies and Knights of the Realm of Greatest Love. Today begins the great Quest for Excalibur.

"You will be searching for the mythic sword in the stone. The wizards of creations, our most beloved designers have stealthy hidden your quest reward somewhere in their store. Accept this quest, oh hunters, and you will reap the rewards."

The place where thou should start be here. The clues to help you on your way be here.

Thine Rewards:

Painting I:

Clothing and Wings: Nushru - Breeze in Pink and Yellow (QFE Hunt gift)

Hair: KC Hair - Classic Heart - Platinum Plus (Old Hunt Gift)

Skin: Amacci - Felicia Skin - Milky - 02 Candy Cleavage (Preview Copy)

Painting II:
Slippers: Avatar Bizarre - Dragon Slippers (QFE Hunt Gift)

Painting III:
Gown: Full Moon Fashions - Gwragedd Annwn (QFE Gift)
Skin: Belleza - Alyson Pale (Group Gift)
Hair: Darkerside - Snowflake Ice Blue (Old Hunt Gift)

Painting IV:
Gown: Perma in Pieces - Princess Gown (QFE Hunt)
Hair: Damselfly - Calyssa - Beach Beige (not free)

Picture V & VI:
Gown: La Belle Dame Sans Merci - Sweet Cecily Tudor Gown (QFE Hunt Gift)
Staff: TempT - Wizard Staff (QFE Hunt Gift)
Tiara: Dionysia Designs - Excalibur Tiara Female (QFE Hunt Gift)

Painting VII:
Gown: Dulce Secrets - Sharlot Version 2 (QFE Hunt Gift)
Coronet: Dionysia Designs - Excalibur Coronet Male (QFE Hunt Gift)
Jewellery and Chalice: Silk and Satyr - Silq'waggi Guinevere Earrings and Sangraal (QFE Hunt Gift)
Hair: Amacci - Lina - Warm Red (Lucky Chair Prize)

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