RoTtEn to the Core


Man, I had sooo much fun last night! Thanks to Karina and Nereisse of The SL Fashionista blog (see Other Great Blogs). They told me about a great store, a hunt and also about a very cool sim that I fell in love with. I am going to show you the sim in the pics today.

Now, I have done the ICON hunt, but I have three stores where I found nothing. They are Staged, SNOC and NLimbo, so throw me a hint or two if you do find them. I will blog all the goodies from there tomorrow.

Today is going to mostly be about RoTtEn DeFiAnCe (pics 1-7). What an awesome store. Karina had mentioned it in the chat on their blog and, while there wasn't a sale on still, there was a hunt on with 5 items for girls and 5 for boys, but I thought "why should the boys get to wear the cool grungy stuff?". Also found another hunt item there, so will show you that too.

Of course, I have to also show you two items from one of my fav stores, Nadas. Always cool and different!

The pics today were taken at T Town. What an amazing sim! So real. You have to check out the fishing spot...mind the floater!

Hair is not free, but is from Deviant Style (Lisa- Platinum) and ETD (Janine Black). Skin is IrEn - Maria (past group gift)

Pic 1:
Dress: Green Party Dress (0L)

Pic 2:
Dress: Patty's Mini Dress (0L)

Pic 3:
Top: Green Squares Cami (0L)
Jeans: Low Rise Lucky Jeans F (0L)

Pic 4:
Jacket: Grungy Green Jacket (0L)
Jeans: Destroyer Jeans (0L)

Pic 5:
Tee: Robot Tee (0L)
Jeans: Low Rise Moldy Jeans (0L)

Pic 6:
Shirt: Muscle Shirt Moldy (0L)
Jeans: Lucky Jeans M (0L)

Pic 7:
Skin: Tuft - Ophelia (10L)
Outfit: Potty Mouth Gift (PM Hunt Gift)

These next two pics are from Nadas. I love Nadas so much!

Pic 8:
Outfit: Gogo Suit (10L)

Pic 9:
Outfit: Welcome To the Jungle - Leo Green (Freebie of the Week - Group - bikini option in folder)

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