Spring is in the Air For Some


SL makes me laugh sometimes. Okay, SL makes me laugh a lot. The thing I find amusing is the fact that SL is hemisphere-centric. I am bouncing round doing spring hunts when in reality I am watching the trees in RL change colour and feeling that early morning bite in the air. In SL I am wearing breezy dresses and watched sims go from snow-covered to green and lush, when in reality I am looking at my winter wardrobe and sighing a lot. Maybe the Southern Hemisphere store owners need to mix it up and do Autumn hunts. Hehe. That would confuse a few people!

That said, I did enjoy the Spring Bazaar I went to today. Not only are all the items for sale 50L and under, but there are also heaps of Easter eggs priced at 1L that are not full of chocolate but yummy goodies nevertheless. I will show you the 1L items, so won't put prices beside them as it will get a bit repetitive, and you will know it is a Bazaar item if I haven't attached a URL to the store name. The URL for the Bazaar is here.

Hair today: Deviant Style - Daisy I Platinum (100L)
Skin: Heartsick - Pure Morning - Bliss (1L for Fatpack)

Pic 1:
Outfit: Before Sleep - Pink Latex Top, Black Pants and Belt

Pic 2:
Sleepwear: Before Sleep - Boo Boyshorts and Tank (other colours in Fatpack)

Pic 3:
Hair Accessory: Nushru - Oh Daisy Hair Accessory Tropical
Eyes: A.D.D Andel - Lemon Eyes
Tee: A&A - Haters Gonna Hate
Leggings: Tuft - Grunge Leggings

Pic 4:
Shoes: Astraia - Peep Flat

Pic 5:
Necklace: IrEn - Spring Love Chain
Top: Medley - Long Sleeved V-Pink

Pic 6:
Vest and Hand Tattoo: Medley - Vest - Pastel Green (other colours in Fatpack) and Handgun - Hearts Tattoo

Pic 7:
Tee: Tuft - Screaming Love

Pic 8:
Outfit: Tuft - Cupcake Cult Tee and Skreamin Zebra Leggings

Pic 9:
Outfit: Tuft Kids - Vestivo Purple
Skin: Mango Mango - Mod Mod World Pale

Pic 10:
Hair Accessory: IrEn - Lace Flower
Skin: Mango Mango - Barbara Tan
Top: Theory - Spring Halter

Pic 11:
Skin: Touche - Bria Tan Cornflower
Dress: Touche - Dippin Dot Pistachio
Hair Accessory: Nushru - Oh Daisy Hair Accessory White

Pic 13:
Outfit, Hair and Shoes: Nadas - Springtime (Winter Goodbye Hunt Gift - shoes not shown cos SL was being a pain and things weren't rezzing)

Pic 14:
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Spring Meadow (0L)

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