We Interrupt Your Scheduled Hunting...


...for this public service announcement! I have been ignoring the incoming notecards and items over the past few days due to the fact that I have been busy with the Quest for Excalibur Hunt. However, it has got to the point where I would be doing you a huge disservice if I didn't share some of the awesome things I have accumulated!

There are MM Board things, Lucky Chair items, Group Gifts, other hunt items I find while looking for Quest items and freebies and cheapies Galore. Of course most of this is because I cannot resist them as I am hunting. Always take time out to slap the MM boards and sit on a Lucky Chair. It is the rules! (Not sure what rules, but bound to be some blogger code of practise somewhere about).

Pic 1:
Hair: !Lamb - The Glow Deux - Ink (Subscribo Gift)
Outfit: Nushru - Peg (EEM Hunt Gift)

Picture 2:
Hair: !Lamb - The Glow Deux - Powder (Subscribo Gift)
Dress: GField - Maxi Dress Mellow (Subscribo Gift)

Picture 3:
Dress: Dulce Secrets - Elira (ERH Hunt Gift 2)

Picture 4:
Outfit: Kastle Rock Couture - Forever August (0L)

Picture 5 and 6:
Dress: Spellbound - Cotton Candy (0L)

Picture 7:
Dress: Spellbound - Relic (Lucky Chair Prize)

Picture 8:
Gown: House of Beningborough - Black Liquid (Group Freebie - not sure for how long)

Picture 9:
Scene: XoticKreations - Pandora Like Forest 2010 (This are 699L. It is so awesome. Pictures do not do it justice.)

Picture 10:
Hair and Hat: Pocket Mirrors - Floriana Beret Green (1L)
Dress: Dulce Secrets - Colette Green Velvet Gown (0L)

Picture 11:
Outfit: Unique Clothing -Lime Satin (MM Board or Lucky Chair...see told you it has been a few days!)

Picture 12:
Dress: Unique Clothing - Black Sequined With Belt (MM Board)

Picture 13:
Shoes: Deviant Designs - Dainty (Lucky Chair)

Picture 14:
Tee: Kamikaze - One Year Tee (not free...was free for 12 hours...but think that is passed...sorry)

Picture 15:
Dress: Gumi's Bad Box - Antique Lace Dress Yellow (Part of 6 colour fat pack for 1L)

Picture 16:
Kimono: Gumi's Bad Box - Freebie Kimono (0L)

Picture 17:
Lingerie: Gumi's Bad Box - Motif Lace Bra and Thong (0L)

Picture 18 - 20:
I also want to show you the revamped club where I DJ and would love to see you over there sometime. It is called Event Horizon @Quantum Fields. Friend of mine said it looks like a patio and it does, but I thought about that and decided a patio is where you and your friends get to hang out and enjoy barbecues and listen to great music and chat. Pretty much like Event Horizon, minus the sausages! Come and visit sometime!

Pictures 21-25:
But wait...there is more. My lovely friend, Kav, who I adore, bought me an awesome skybox off XSreet to feed my addiction and it is so awesome that I have to show you. There is no store for this creator yet, but she is saving up and I can't wait!
Mariposa Contemporary Skybox with changeable floor textures! (50L)

...and now we will return you to your scheduled programming.

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