Went Wild


Decided it was too nice to stay inside and take pics today...mainly cos I had a cleaning out frenzy and accidentally deleted the landmark for the photo place I normally go to and for some reason, even though I go there every day, the recent teleport history in Viewer 2.0 has no record of me ever being there.....anyhoo....I decided to go to Where the Wild Things Are because I haven't been there for ages and it is gorgeous. Oh, and I am a bit of a wild thing myself!

Pic 1:
Dress: Insatiable Fashions - Raina - Purple (Subscribo Gift - other colours not shown)
Hair: Deviant Style - Suzie Black (100L)

Pic 2:
Dress: Hyper Culture - Sweater Mini (Subscribo Gift)

Pic 3:
Outfit: Nadas - Shred Dress Camo (Freebie Gift for Group Members)

Pic 4:
Dress: Sea Hole - Who Ate Dress? (CBH Gift)

Pic 5:
Outfit and Ears and Tail: Envious - Snapped Kitty (MM Board)

Pic 6:
Boots: Duh! - Skosh Boots (CBH Gift)

Pic 7:
Sneakers: Duh! - Sneaker Boots - Red (Lucky Chair Prize)

Pic 8:
Shoes: Duh! - Women's Ruby Velvet Flats (Subscribo Gift)

Pic 9:
Jewellery: WhoNose - Key Jewellery (Subscribo Gift)
Hair: Deviant Style - Michelle (100L)

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