Exciting Day!


Today is exciting for 2 reasons. The first reason is that I have some yummy stuff to show you! The second reason is that tonight I get to have dinner in RL with two of my SL friends! One I have met before a couple of times, but the other has come all the way from the USA! Wow! I am counting the hours til I see them both, so blogging is a great distraction for me.

I am very excited to show you the results of some MM Board giftcards, a sim hunt and why some groups are awesome!

Hair in all pics is Maitreya Piper II - Pitch

Pic 1:
Skin: Belleza - Elle BR SK Cleavage (Group Gift)
Top: PixelDolls - Bella Corset (25L - but I got it free with a giftcard I won on MM board)
Skirt: PixelDolls - Net Skirt - Jewelled (50L - but I got it free with a giftcard I won on MM board)

Pic 2:
Dress: PixelDolls - Twilight - Ragged (100L - but I got it free with a giftcard I won on MM board)

Pic 3:
Skin: Belleza - BL Pale Cleavage (Group Gift)
Tank: ELO - Easter Free Gift (H&S Daisy Hunt Gift)

Pic 4:
Skin: Belleza - BR Fair Cleavage (Group Gift)
Outfit: Delirium - Bang (H&S Daisy Hunt Men's Gift)

Pic 5:
Skin: Belleza - BR Med Cleavage (Group Gift)
Outfit: Delirium - Mouth Hugs (H&S Daisy Hunt Women's Gift)

Pic 6:
Skin: Belleza - BR Tan Cleavage (Group Gift)
Dress: [III] - Soleful Dress (H&S Daisy Hunt Gift)

Pic 7:
Skin: Belleza - Elle Dark Deep Tan Cleavage (Group Gift)
Top: Sassy Kitty - Birdies Top Pink (H&S Daisy Hunt )

Pic 8:
Skin: Belleza - DSassy Kark Mocha Cleavage (Group Gift)
Top: Sassy Kitty - Birdies Top Black (H&S Daisy Hunt )
Jeans: Sassy Kitty - Unbuttoned Max - Low Black (H&S Daisy Hunt)

Pic 9:
Skirt: Sassy Kitty - Zipped Mini Skirt (H&S Daisy Hunt Gift)
Top: PixelDolls - Tintable Cami (Included with Skirt in Pic 1)

Pic 10:
Shoes: Heart and Sole - Daisy Shoes Green (H&S Daisy Hunt Gift)

Pic 11:
Dress: MFP - New Zealand Dress (Brought with Giftcard from MM Board or Group Gift...um...not sure, but I am proud to wear this and was excited to find it!)

Pic 12:
Top and Jeans: MFP - Pearl Outfit (Bought with Giftcard blah blah see Pic 11)

Pic 13:
Chair: Sommerfield Designs - Papasan Chair (H&S Daisy Hunt Gift)

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