Give Me Some Skin


I have decided to take a break from hunting and show you some of the cool skins I have collected from about the place. I told you a while back that I have a collection of interesting skins and that I would show you them. I decided that today was the today! This is mainly because I am stuck in the tulip hunt and can't go any further. Grrr!

I got most of these skins in various hunts so they will probably cost now, but they are worth showing.

The bikini I am wearing is a group freebie from Jill and the Hair is from Sky Everett Designs - Lady Saelanar (CAHH Gift - Past Hunt)

Pic 1:
Skin: Heartsick - Frozen (1L)

Pic 2:
Skin: Amacci - Felicia Skin - Goth - 24 Red Blood (not free)

Pic 3:
Skin: Alpha Tribe - Alpha Geometrica (1L)

Pic 4:
Skin: Sassy Kitty Designs - Back To Fight Skin (Past Hunt Gift)

Pic 5:
Skin: LaVie Skins and Shapes - Isabelle (Promo Skin)

Pic 6:
Skin: Alpha Tribe - Black Ammonite (1L)

Pic 7:
Skin: [ATOMIC] - FS Vip Pale

Pic 8:
Skin: Alpha Tribe - Pale Feline Skin (1L)

Pic 9:
Skin: Alpha Tribe - Golden Ammonite (1L)

Pic 10:
Skin: Alpha Tribe - Mother of Pearl Inlaid (1L)

Pic 11:
Skin: Alpha Tribe - Natural Things V.1

Pic 12:
Skin: Alpha Tribe - Quiet Purple (1L)

Pic 13:
Skin: Alpha Tribe - Red Ammonite (1L)

Pic 14:
Skin: Weird Designs - Rotten Doll -Kisses (Past Hunt Gift)

Pic 15:
Skin: Alpha Tribe - She Sells Sea Shells Corroded (1L)

Pic 16:
Skin: Loser Designs - Baked Skin Battled Neutral (Past Hunt Gift)

Pic 17:
Skin: Nikita Fride - Skin Girl Hunt (Past Hunt Gift)

Pic 18:
Skin: Alpha Tribe - Blue Vectors Skin (1L)

Pic 19:
Skin: {Frick} - Toxic Skin - Lg Lips (1L)

Pic 20:
Skin: Bounce - DTCH - Winter Faery (Not sure when I got it...but so cool)

Pic 21:
Skin: Bounce - Vampire Skins - Bleeding Mascara and Bloody Lips (Again, not sure...)

Pic 22:
Skin: Bounce - Witch Skin - White Face (Sorry...)

Pic 23:
Skin: Tahini Designs - Crazy Eyes Goth Skin - Injured (Past Hunt Gift)

Pic 24:
Skin: Loser Designs - Sleep Deprived From Hunting (Past Hunt Gift)

Pic 25:
Skin: Tyranny Designs - Suri - Broken (Past Hunt Gift)

Pic 26:
Skin: [Plastik] - Zombie Femme (ZombiePopcorn Hunt Gift)

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  1. In which hunt did you get the wonderful Alpha Tribe skins for $1L?

  2. Last time I went to Alpha Tribe the skins were for sale at 1L each. Aren't they amazing?!!