I am Zombiefied!


I managed to stay alive and had loads of fun on the ZombiePopcorn Hunt. Found some new stores and managed to not be distracted...although I will go back to have a looksee. I am about half way through, so here are the goodies I have found thus far. All are from the ZombiePopcorn Hunt, so I don't need to tell you.

Pic 1:
Zombie: VooDoo Baby! - OMG Zombeh - animated pet
Tee: ZombiePopcorn - I Hunted for Zombie Popcorn 2010
Pants: LP Design - ZombiePopcorn Leggings
Boots: Ducknipple - Smug Black Boots
Eyes: KOSH - Eyes 114
Hair: IrEn - Angel
Jewellery: Blitzed - Spiked Bracelet

Pic 2:
Hair: MADesigns - Eudora - Copper Rust
Eyes: MADesigns - Promise Eyes - Pale Brown
Jewellery: [iPoke] - Persephone Lip Piercings
Tee: ZombiePopcorn Hunt Logo Shirt
Skirt: *LP* - Denim Skirt

Pic 3:
Hair: MADesigns - Jake - Piper
Tattoos: dEVOL - Blood Tattoo
Lingerie: Hollie Pocket - Skullkini

Pic 4:
Outfit: Acid and Mala - Long Tank Non-Zombie and Zombie

Pic 5:
Outfit: LeeZu - ZuZu Monokini

Pic 6:
Top: (NSD) - ChompChomp - Zombie Shirt
Pants: {SOAP} - Knurd Blue Pants

Pic 7:
Top: Surf Couture - Candy Boxed Tee Patterned
Pants: {SOAP} - Knurd Yellow Pants

Pic 8:
Top: Surf Couture - Candy Box Tee Striped
Jeans: DeeTaleZ - Loose Shorts Jeans Blue
Shoes: A-Bomb - Zombie Popcorn Hunt Unisex

Pic 9:
Dress and Stockings: A-Bomb - Zombie Popcorn Hunt Female

Pic 10:
Bikini: BOINGO - Soft Bikini

Pic 11:
Dress and Jewellery: Dantel - Store Hunter Gift
Bra: Rock Me Amadeus - Pink Bra (Not in hunt. Part of 50L Box)

Pic 12:
Shirt: DeeTaleZ - Boyfriend Shirt Green Beige
Skin: DeeTaleZ - April Blonde Smokey Eyes 2 Light
Eyes: DeeTaleZ - Brown II Eyes
Pants: DeeTaleZ - Loose Shorts Jeans Blue

Pic 13:
Dress: KIM - Shucola Gown (mini skirt option available too)

Pic 14:
Dress: Pididdle - Kelsey's Mini
Eyes: KOSH - 117
Pose: Pididdle - Letter Pose

Pic 15:
Shirt: [Name Pending] - Plaid Shirt (Men's option available too)
Eyes: KOSH - 120

Pic 16:
Bikini - Pig - Crochetted Bikini
Eyes: KOSH - 123

Thanks again to Ty:

Pic 17:
Outfit: DeeTaleZ - My Look Style MO5
Eyes: KOSH - 126

Pic 18:
Shirt: Doppelganger - Henley Baseball A
Eyes: KOSH - 129

Pic 19:
Shirt: Doppelganger - Henley Baseball B
Eyes: KOSH - 135

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