Inventory Overload


Aaaaarrggghhhhh! I am pushing all the new items into my inventory and carefully jamming the lid closed. Of course, next time I open it, I will be killed as it all bursts free, and will die slowly under a giant mound of hair, dresses, jeans, tops and assorted other items. Still, what a way to go!

I have SO much to show you today that you will need to settle in front of the computer with snacks and a lot of caffeinated drinks. I would also suggest a toilet break before you start.

Pic 1:
Hair: U-neek - Seeya Head dress and Pompom Mowwy Aqua (CAHH)
Dress: Alexohol - Cosmo Dress (JFTG)

Pic 2:
Hair: Griddie - Oy - Blue (CAHH)
Lingerie: Artful Cravings - Baby Blue (JFTG)

Pic 3:
Hair: Tea Lane - Electric Juiced - Purple Black (CAHH)
Outfit: Tattitude - Attitude (JFTG)

Pic 4:
Hair: Booperfunk - Firehead (CAHH)
Outfit, Boots and Jewellery: Grumble - Just for the Girls (JFTG)

Pic 5:
Hair: Curious Kitties - Nyanotech - Queen of Hair V2 (CAHH)
Dress: Simply - Wrapped in Pink (JFTG)

Pic 6:
Hair: DNR - Female Plunger (CAHH)
Outfit: Delirium - Floral Escape Top and Dark Wash Jeans (JFTG)

Pic 7:
Hair: Concrete Flowers - Gumi Hair - Cotton Candy (CAHH)
Outfit: Trixxy's Shop - Cara (JFTG)

Pic 8:
Hat and Hair: Flavor! Designs - Or Give Me (CAHH)
Outfit: Heroes - Black Canary Costume (JFTG)

Pic 9:
Hair: Curious Kitties - Nyanotech - Queen of Hair V2 (CAHH)
Dress: Ducknipple - Peel - Pink (JFTG)

Pic 10:
Hair and Mask: Booperfunk - Boneodeo (CAHH)
Outfit: DragonLady's Closet - Charlena (JFTG)

Pic 11:
Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum - Overgrowth (CAHH)
Outfit: Magically Aluring - Beads and Lace (JFTG)

Pic 12:
Hair: Griddie - Oy - Red CAHH)
Outfit: FireFly Fashions - Eyecatcher (JFTG)

All WoE and Exodi items are at WoE main store.

Pic 13:
Sweater: WoE -Braylon Striped Sweater (0L)
Jeans: WoE - Graecyn Jeans (0L)
Skin: Exodi - Dael Oahu - Neu - He Loves Me Lt (0L)

Pic 14:
Eyes: Exodi - Look Into My - Reflection - Green (0L)
Shrug: WoE - Christa Shrug (0L)
Tank: WoE - Leah Cami Tank Absinthe (0L - also blue in pack)

Pic 15:
Jeans: WoE - Wearhouse Jeans and Socks (0L)

Pic 16:
Outfit: Falln Angel - Amador Suit - Orange (MM Board)

Pic 17:
Outfit: Falln Angel - oDaiFlexiMauAnhDaoRaHoa (MM Board)

Pic 18:
Dress: Falln Angel - Cathy Dress - Blue (MM Board)

Pic 19:
Outfit: Falln Angel - Parisi Dress Aqua (MM Board)

Pic 20:
Bikini - LVS & Co - Green Bikini and Butterfly Sash (GFH)

Pic 21:
Shirt: Miamai - Xeo - Grey Shirt (Group Gift for Boys)
Jeans: U-Neek - Tiger Snake Light (think it was MM Board)

Pic 22:
Outfit: VIRTual ATTIRE - Wild Punk (MM Board)

Other Items Worn:
Hair: Deviant Style - Daisy II - Platinum and Suzie - Black (100L each)
Skin: Heartsick - PK Bliss Pure Morning (1L for Fatpack)

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