It's Hunting Time!


1st of April ushers in a new round of hunts, so it behooves me to let you know what you are in for. Let me know if you know of any more. Now all I have to do is pick which one I am going to do...nooooooo!

Starting 1st April:

  • Irontail Hunters - Looking for: Eggs. Gifts include: Adult,Goth,Neko,Vampire - Start Location: Bound and Bitten
  • Diamonds in the Rough Hunt - Looking for: Diamonds. The encore to the Heat Wave Hunt is sure to showcase even MORE of Second Life's hottest designers! - Start Location: Alexohol
  • Mixed-Up Bunneh Hunt - Looking for: Chocolate Bunnies. Hidden on each of the 6 sims will be a number of Easter Eggs spread out by the Bunneh. Help these top-notch clothiers, interior designers, accessorizers and so much more find and return their Eggs to the baskets by their stops entrance. - Participating Sims: Malt, Sunny, Juicy, Juicy De Costa, Mirabella, Copley Square
  • Below the Belt Gridwide Hunt - Looking for: Scripted Belts. This is a hunt for things found under the belt such as: socks, shoes, underwear, panties, legwarmers, jeans, shorts, pants, skirts, and of course belts. Start Location: Eye Candi
  • Just for the Girls Hunt - Looking for: Pink Fedoras. After two very successful Men's hunts, the organization team behind the JFTG Hunt group has been asked to do a hunt for the girlies. Start Location: Kabuki Creations
  • Brink of Kink Hunt - Looking for: Unknown. "This is an adult hunt, and so you should be aware that some locations will be in Adult sims. Deal." Start Location: Brink of Kink
  • Virtues of Sin Hunt - Looking for: Winged 7. There are 2 different paths in this hunt. One of Sin and One of Virtue. Each Sin or Virtue has 7 shops that coinside with their selected Sin or Virtue. Can you figure out which is which? Start Location: Xplicit
  • Make Him Over Hunt - Looking for: Orange Male Symbol. As you know most hunts are 95% of time oriented towards women so the objective of MHO hunt is to get men involved in the hunt while exposing them to quality stores that they may not be familiar with. Start Location: Kmadd Enterprise
Starting 2nd April:

  • Beautiful Nightmare Hunt - Looking for: Unknown. This hunt is for everyone because everyone has had a Beautiful Nightmare at some point in there life...and would not change it for nothing in the world. Start Location: Brandie's Beachside Mall
  • April Showers Hunt - Looking for: Single Raindrop. Spring rain and spring gifts! Start Location: Temptations Gallery.
  • Celebrating Gaia - Looking for: Person holding Earth. A celebration of Earth Day and our planet. Start Location: Secrets of Gaia
  • Crazy Arse Hair Hunt - Looking for: Weird Head. A gridwide hunt of wild and crazy hairstyles by some of Second Life's most creative hair stylists. Start Location: The U-neek

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