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Yes, today there will be more awesome clothes and more amazing hair. The sad part is that I have finished the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt...pause, for nose blow and tear wiping. I just have a couple to go back to that weren't quite ready and then it is all over. I am begging that Treebee organises another hunt of such awesomeness!

However, I am continuing the Just for the Girls Hunt, so at least it is not all gloom and doom. I am so impressed with the quality of items. It is a good sign when I don't have to alter too many items to fit. Arya is a bit curvier then some and I often have to change things to her shape.

Anyway, is a bumper crop today, so less chatty chatty and more piccy piccies!

Pic 1:
Hair: ChiChickie - Monica - Ash (Group and Sub Gift)
Dress: RoTtEn DeFiAnCe - Lovely Lamb (Group and Sub Gift - Easter)

Pic 2:
Hair: ChiChickie - Lucas - Chestnut (Group and Sub Gift)
Outfit: Simply - Detention Slip Schoolgirl Red Plaid (MM Board or Lucky Chair....hehehe)

Pic 3:
Outfit and Hair: [Magnifico] - Decadence Outfit, Leggings and Hershey Hair (Group and Sub Gift)

Pic 4:
Hair: Crimson and Clover - Vian - Heather (CAHH)
Dress: Pretty Lady - Gabby -Purple (JFTG)

Pic 5:
Hair: DarkerSide - Jester - Black (CAHH)
Outfit: Ziamela Loon - Lady Godiva (JFTG)

Pic 6:
Hair: LollipopZ - Crazy-Crazy Hair (CAHH)
Outfit: Shush - Punk (JFTG)
Jewellery: Baubles - Girls Just Want to Have Fun (JFTG)

Pic 7:
Hair: [Avoid] - Devyn - Brunette (JFTG)
Skin: Sock Monkey - Chu Skin (JFTG)
Dress: Luxurious World - JFTG Hunt Gift (JFTG)

Pic 8:
Hair: 3636 - Gardania - Green (CAHH)
Dress: Thalia's Fashion - Cocktail Dress - Green and Gold (JFTG)

Pic 9:
Hair: DV8 - Parished Hair - Wicked Wine (CAHH - for Boys)
Skin: Designs by CJ - Dita Skin - Style 02 (JFTG)
Bracelet: NeverEver - Bracelet - Silver and Black) (JFTG)
Outfit: Fabienne Bolissima Couture - Cameriera (JFTG)

Pic 10:
Hair: The U-neek - FLLAMER Mowwy (CAHH)
Outfit: Mimi's Choice - Griffin (JFTG)

Pic 11:
Hair: DV8 - Pandora - Cyberfalls - Aquamarine (CAHH)
Dress: Champagne - Tropiques (JFTG)

Pic 12:
Hair: Bizarre Hair - 3th Eye (CAHH)
Dress: Kayfo - Poppin' Blue Mini Dress (JFTG)

Pic 13:
Hair: Lofty Aspirations Gallery -Blame it on the Treebee (CAHH)
Outfit and Shoes: Before Sleep - Just for the Girls (JFTG)

Pic 14:
Hair: La Boheme - Deae Matres (CAHH)
Shape: nina - Kelly's Shape (JFTG)
Dress: Lacie Dayz - Acid Wash (JFTG)

Pic 15:
Hair: BC322 Skull and Bones - Seiren (CAHH)
Outfit and Boots: - Titan Outpost (JFTG)

Pic 16:
Hair: Love Soul - Yummy (CAHH)
Outfit: Petunia - Yoga Wear (JFTG)

Pic 17:
Hair: [LCKY] - Kotori - Black/White (CAHH)
Top: [III] - Attention Whore (JFTG)
Pants: The U-neek - Tiger Snake Red (MM Board)

Pic 18:
Hair: Sn@tch - Hawk of Doom - Grape/Black (CAHH)
Bikini and Jacket: [III] - HOTT Bikini with Mesh Jacket (JFTG)

Pic 19:
Hair: BareRose - Wild Banana Hair (CAHH)
Dress: DYN - Neve Dress - Green Sequins (JFTG)

Pic 20:
Hair and Hat: Philotic Energy - Rowe Teaparty (CAHH)
Dress: RagDollz - Girl on the Town (JFTG - Hat also included - not shown)

Pic 21:
Hair: Omega Point - Lost Time Hair (CAHH)
Outfit: MFP Designs - JFTG (JFTG - purple option - not shown)

Pic 22:
Hair: Eclectism - Eggs in One Basket (CAHH)
Outfit: Khush - Siena Sweater and Denim Miniskirt (JFTG)

Pic 23:
Hair and Tiara: Rotten Toe - I Cut My Own Hair and Scissors Tiara (CAHH)
Outfit: Pretty Fashion - Pretty Girl (JFTG)
Accessories: ODB - Charm Bracelet, iPhonie and Lolli Nahm (JFTG)

Pic 23:
Hair: The U-neek - Black Widow Hair (CAHH)
Top and Belt: Wink*L - Skull Top and Belt Chain (JFTG)

Pic 24:
Shoes: A-Bomb - JFTG (JFTG)

Pic 25:
Hair: NebuchadNezzer - Bird's Nest (CAHH)
Dress: Champagne - Pacifique (0L)

Pic 26:
Hair: HeLtEr SkElTeR - Crazy Hair Mohawk (CAHH)
Outfit: Champagne - Rock (0L)

Pic 27:
Hair: Discord Designs - Nethead - Rainbow (CAHH)
Jewellery: Sad's Jewells - Amour Bracelet and Je T'Aime Rings
Outfit: Sassy! - Glitter - Black (MM Board)

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