All the Other Bits


So, I have shown you most of the clothing side of the Dark Katz Hunt, but hunts are not all about tails and clothes...oh no! They also mean we get all sorts of other cool stuff, like houses and kitty furniture and clever things!

So, today is all about the other hunt stuff!

Pic 1:
Stump - Agent Orange - Cat Nap Stump

Pic 2:
Playhouse: Are We Dead Yet? - Wiccan Kitty Neko Playhouse

Pic 3:
Garden and Tree: Wisent Animations - Cats

Pic 4:
Shoe: Paws 4 Thought - Lil Shoe Cat Bed

Pic 5:
Basket: Khargo Grunge - Neko Basket

Pic 6:
Playground: Intimidation - Icky Falls Playground

Pic 7:
Pillows: [Pestique] - Dark Katz Snoozer

Pic 8:
Kitty Chair: Cheeky Pea - Yawning Kitty Chair

Pic 9:
Tank: SR Kittys -Dar Katz Hunt Gift

Pic 10:
Paw: Naughty or Nice - Neko Black Paw

Pic 11:
Car: ShinyShop - Black Cat Ride

Pic 12:
Bed: PRIME Furniture - Katz PRIME Hangout Bed

Pic 13:
Bed: Zap-In - Black with Pillows

Pic 14:
Kitty: Lil Neko - Big Mew Mew - Hamtaro

Pic 15:
Tree: RnB Designs Furniture - Dark Katz Tree

Pic 16:
Bed: Grim Death Co - Kitty Bed

Pic 17:
Chair: LUXus - Armchair

Pic 18:
Cushion: 2U Sweet Neko - Sitting Cushion Beige Cushion

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