And Finally!!


I finished the Dark Katz Hunt yesterday, so today I am going to begin to show you some of the gifties I got. I have unpacked and haven't even tried things on, so will be surprise for me too!

Firstly, though, I got a cool gift through from Paradisis today as a group gift, so must show you.

Pic 1:
Outfit: Paradisis - Simple Days (Sub and Group Gift)

Right, now down to business! All of the items below are from the Dark Katz Hunt.

Pic 2:
Dress and Eyes: DaRk DoLls - Gift

Pic 3:
Ears and Tail: Tree House Treasures - Love Scrabble Ear and Tail
Outfit: Kitten Caboodle - Twisted Silks

Pic 4:
Eyes: Sterling Artistry - Feral Eyes - Forest
Outfit: SOTD - Una Pink Dress
Tail: BedlaM - Chained Death Neko Tail
Choker: TrOuBlEd ReBeL - Pinned Choker

Pic 5:
Outfit, Backpack and Boots: [Voltai] - Voltai Beta Pink
Eyes: Sterling Artistry - Feral Eyes - Brandy

Pic 6:
Outfit: Ali Couture - Death By Ali
Eyes: Sterling Artistry - Feral Eyes - Butterfly
Tail and Ears: Aluinn - Fluffy Tail Platinum and Ears Platinum (Heaps of Colours in Fatpack - scripted)

Pic 7:
Eyes: Sterling Artistry - Feral Eyes - Celadon
Outfit and Boots: Anomaly - Dark Rose
Jacket: Duh! - Knit Vest - Colour Change

Pic 8:
Outfit, Shoes and Scarf: Cheeky Minx - Winterful

Pic 9:
Jewellery: Alyssa Bijoux - Angelina Diamond Choker and Earrings
Tee: Robbish - Bad Cat
Jeans: [AJ]Allep Jeans - A18 Jeans

Pic 10:
Jeans: [AJ]Allep Jeans - A18 Jeans
Top: Wildcatz - Glow with the Flow Girls
Boots: Cheeky Minx - Ass Kickin' Boots

Pic 11:
Eyes: Sterling Artistry - Feral Eyes - Rumbles
Scarf, Top and Face Mask: X*plosion - Killer Cat
Jeans: Moloko - Star Jeans

Pic 12:
Pants and Pullover: Somapop - Pulli Red and Blue Pants
Skin: Somapop - Acne Skin
Undershirts: Diapop - I Want Sun on My Skin Dammit!
Eyes: Sterling Artistry - Feral Eyes - Skye

Pic 13:
Bikini - Kissed By Lithium - DKH Bikini

Pic 14:
Tee: Kissed by Lithium - Paws Off Tee
Jeans: Never Ever - Dark Katz Gift
Shoes: Urbans Surfer - Death Kitty Vans

Pic 14:
Outfit, Accessories and Eyes: LK Neko Gear - Red

Pic 15:
Dress and Gloves: Toxic Kitty - DKH2 Female Gift

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