Blog Post Number 200!


Got all excited and posted this at midnight. I can't believe I made it! Hoorah! What a blast I have had. Found some awesome stores, did some amazing hunts, met some brilliant people and filled my inventory to the max! A good time was had by me. I hope you have enjoyed the ride too.

I have put my pressie out for you, (see yesterday's blog post for more info) so please skip over and grab it. I was going to put a pic of what I have for you, but then it would ruin the surprise. I will show you, instead, a picture of the box and where it is. Don't worry is not a hunt. Pretty obvious. I am sitting on it....BIG clue for ya there. It is HERE! Love to hear what ya think. Have made it copy/mod so you can chop it up for firewood if you need to.

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