Freaky Fashion!


So, the next hunt I did was the Fashion Freaks Hunt. I actually finished it a few days back, but have had so much to show you that it is only now that I can get round to showing you some of the items! Oh, the life of a blogger. Sad. NOT!!

Items not in hunt:
Skin: Staged - Juniper - Work in Progess - Run Devil Run - Glow (Group Gift)
Eyes: Amacci - Real Eyes - Sky Blue and Golden Green Big (Preview Copies)
Hair: Amacci - Jack - Onyx (Group Gift)

Pic 1:
Outfit: Shush - Jumper Blue Green
Tattoo: Para Designs - Fashion Freaks Dark

Pic 2:
Bikini: Alexohol - Cutout Kini

Pic 3:
Top: Just Me - Haruko - Top Black Heart
Jeans: Robbish - Fashion Denim

Pic 4:
Dress: Papillon's - Lila

Pic 5:
Dress: Michigan's Shack - Ondine (Short option available in folder)

Pic 6:
Outfit: Dirty Word - Watermelon Candy (bikini option available in folder)
Skin and Eyes: Before Sleep - FFH Skin and Iris Blue Eyes

Pic 7:
Entire Outfit: Sassy Kitty - French Beach Fashionista

Pic 8: Pretty Stick - Black Crop Top and Rainbow Jean Skirt

Pic 9:
Dress: Delicious - Floral Summer Dress - Red

Pic 10:
Sweater: Ducknipple - Mole - Red (looks purple to me hehe)
Pants: KOSH - Corduroy Pants Night/Grey

Pic 11:
Top and Jeans: Ohara - 310 Jean and Danger of Death Top

Pic 12:
Top: Roxxstar - FFH 2010

Pic 13:
Top: [Bedlam] - Lips Tank Blue

Pic 14:
Outfit: aMuse - Fashion Freak
Skin and Tattoos: Eclipse - Fashion Freaks Hunt Tattooed Sunkissed Skin and Tattoos

Pic 15:
Jacket: Blitzed - Dragon Force Jacket

Pic 16:
Sweater: Blitzed - Spiced Gilet - Black

Pic 17:
Dress: Snowpaw Fashions - Cameron's Fluffy Skirt MiniDress - Teal
Skin: Tik Tok - Summer - Smoke BT

Pic 18:
Outfit: Liquified - Sporty Girl Outfit
Skin: Tik Tok - Summer - Smoke - No BT

Pic 19:
Dress: G-Series - Music Dress
Skin: Garage - Nicole - Skin Tone 1

Pic 20:
Dress: Illy Creations - Fashion Freaks Hunt Gift
Skin: Garage - Nicole - Skin Tone 2

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