Happy to Be Blogger!


It has been a fun day collecting bits and pieces to show you. Some came through on notecards and some I saw on other blogs and I even discovered a store I hadn't been to before! A successful day all round.

Pic 1:
Outfit: Diram - Abby Attire Pink (Group Gift In-Store)
Hair: Deviant Style - Zoe Brown (100L)

Pic 2:
Top: Diram - Diana Shirt (Group Gift In-Store)

Pic 3 and 4:
Outfit: Diram - Femme Fatale White and Black (Group Gift In-Store)

Pic 5:
Dress: Diram - Le Robe Glamour (Group Gift In-Store)

Pic 6:
Dress: Diram - La Robe Journal (Group Gift In-Store)

Pic 7 and 8:
Dress: Diram - La Robe Pretty - White and Black (Group Gift In-Store)

Pic 9:
Outfit: Diram - Sonia Attire (Group Gift In-Store)

Pic 10:
Outfit: Diram - Venise Suit (Group Gift In-Store)

Pic 11:
Top: Mischief - Sexy Back Halter Onyx (Group Gift)
Shorts: Deviance - Leather Shorts Violet (Group Gift)

I know every blog has shown this, but I felt like I was missing out if I didn't...
Pic 12:
Dress: DYN - Denim Romper Dress (1L)

Pic 13:
Dress: Ho Wear - Quest (25L)
Boots: G Field - Short Lace Up Boots for V2 (not free)

Saw this on the FabFree blog and HAD to have it!
Pic 14:
Lingerie: Has Been - Lingerie (Subscribo Gift)

Pic 15:
Tee and Socks: Has Been - Striped Layer Tee - Ripped and Tube Socks (Subscribo Gift - and more not shown)

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