It Is Not Easy Being Green


I am so slow sometimes. I look at notecards and think, "Must go there!". Then I forget until the final notice comes in. This was exactly the way it was when saw that Dilly Dolls was retiring some items and moving.

Finally, today I was looking on the Free*Style Blog (see Other Blogs) and saw some cool items, and decided to get myself there pronto as I have been missing sales lately. Pffft, some kind of freebie blogger I am.

Anyway, thought I would get them on here pronto in case you want to whip over to Dilly Dolls too. You have until the 3rd of June!

Oh, and decided I was in a green mood today. I couldn't be naffed pondering over what colour to get of each outfit.

Hair: Deviant Style - Emo Doll III (50L)

Pic 1:
Dress and Hat: Aurora V2 Green (10L)
Boots: Sketched Boots (30L with colour and texture change options)

Pic 2:
Dress: Grunge Baby Green (10L)

Pic 3:
Dress: Just Rosey Green (10L)

Pic 4:
Dress: Pinstripe Lolita Green

Pic 5:
Dress: Riot Green

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  1. Hey you doing a great job arya.I never miss your blogs.Keep your spirits high and continue doing this.I wish i could meet you in second life.

  2. Thanks, Miley! I needed that today! HUGS.