Manly May


The month of May is coming to an end and I've been really pleased with all the mens items I've encountered from designers. The details and textures are impeccable! The only downside is that my inventory has become a complete and chaotic mess.
I ran across a new store (well, new to me) called JOSEF and I'm a fan. Take a look at the pictures and you'll see why. The shirts have amazing characteristics (folds, shadows, wrinkles) and sculpted prims.

In the first picture, I knew I wanted to pair the shirt with ripped/torn jeans so that your eye travels along with the extra details.

Pic 1:

Shirt: Josef- Mens Cotton Shirt (MM Board 50 people needed)
Jeans:Khush- Male Jeans light ripped (MHOH3)

Next to the MM board was a freebie in the store. Again, great quality and I like that you can accessorize anything with this white shirt.

Pic 2:

Shirt: Josef- Classic White Tshirt (0L)
Scarf: Adjunct- Indian Neon Scarf Dark (Jaunty gift item)

Pic 3

Tank, Shorts, Necklace: Zenith- White Chiffon Dress (group gift)
* Zenith has a new location, but I'm putting the LM to the Fujin Sim and you can still find the gift there. *

Pic 4:

Shirt, Jeans, Belt: Little Britain- Lil Britain M (0L)

Aqua is having a month long sale on their items and everything is marked 50L or less.
Each day they add an item for 10L and today this is the outfit.

Pic 5:

Shirt, Pants: Aqua- Boating Club blue (10L)
Hair: Uncle Web Studios- Daniel- (not free)

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