On the Prowl


Arya has shown you some items from the Dark Katz hunt and there's a lot! There are some gifts that were specifically for the men, so I'm going to show you a few of those. May is in full throttle with several hunts going on. One of them is the Fashion Freaks Hunt. I haven't finished the entire hunt yet, but there are a lot of great stores in it.

Pic 1:

Shirt: Moonshine- MS Booty Tee (1L)
Pants: Ali Couture- AC Death by Ali for men (DKH)

Pic 2:

Shirt: *Blitzed*- Dragon force jacket (FFH)
Jeans: Sweet Misery- ::SM:: GIFT MALE (DKH)

Pic 3:

Shirt: Sassy Kitty Designs- Harlequin Punisher Tank 2 1(DKH)
Pants: Sassy Kitty Designs- Harlequin Punisher Ripped Jeans (DKH)

Pic 4:

Shirt: Sassy Kitty Designs- Tank 1 1 (DKH)
Pants, Armwarmers, Belt, and Sneakers: Anomaly- Dark Rose (DKH)

Pic 5:

Shirt: Rotten Defiance- Male Marionette w/Tie (can choose collar without tie) (DKH)
Pants: Rotten Defiance- Male Marionette Pants (DKH)

Pic 6:

Outfit: LoveCats- LC Dark Katz outfit Mens (DKH)
Tail: Grumble- GGRP Tail Black Naughty Male (DKH)

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